Why I am the best candidate for McAllen

McAllen has been my home since birth. I grew up loving our way of life here, and now I want to help our city become even better by leading from a position of fiscal conservatism, integrity, faith, and common sense.

I believe a mayor should always be guided by how residents can best be served, constantly staying aware that decisions have lasting consequences either to benefit or to harm.

I will work diligently to lead our City Commission toward solutions that increase efficiency and save more of your tax dollars.

In a nutshell, the job of city government is to wisely utilize taxpayers' money to provide the environment and infrastructure necessary for its citizens to live in safety and to profitably run their businesses. 

Through many years of helping run a large family business, and then later starting and operating my own successful businesses, I have gained broad knowledge and the ability to prioritize McAllen's needs. 

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