Infrastructure, such as Traffic, Drainage and Parks...

  • Accelerate  synchronization of traffic light systems, enabling safer and more efficient vehicle movement.

  • Prioritize taxpayers' money with regard to important additions/repairs to existing infrastructure.

  • Expedite drainage solutions for businesses and residential areas.  For most of us, a home is our single largest investment, and our homes deserve additional flood protection.

  • Initiate better drainage solutions so businesses don't have to set aside high-priced real estate for retention ponds to ameliorate flooding.

  • Commit to expanding our parks system.

My pro-business stance means...

  • Evaluate overreaching government regulations that burden businesses with unnecessary fees and permit requirements.

  • Eliminate any sense of "platmail" being perpetrated upon builders/developers in our city.

  • Adopt a level playing field for all businesses.

  • Allow blanket variances from codes for business that prohibit 100% occupancy.

Regarding immigration and security for our citizens...

  • I favor creating public/private partnerships to provide solutions for migrants.

  • I think we shoud reevaluate the need for additional law enforcement personnel and resources.

Everybody talks about transparency...

  • I pledge to be forthcoming with information that's important to McAllen's citizens.

  • I will promote streamlined, expedited Freedom of Information requests.


In short, I believe McAllen citizens have much to be proud of. I'm here because I'm certain that my background, experience and skill set qualify me to be an honest, just leader with the integrity to do the best job as your mayor. We need change in McAllen, and with your help we can leave our beautiful city better than we found it.